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Fundraising Targets

All our fundraising efforts for the rest of the academic year at least will be focused on achieving these.  Please support all our events in any way that you can and in particular with your time for the Summer Fair as this is our biggest fundraiser of the year.



The school  asked the PTA to raise £20,000 to provide enough mobile technology for pupils to enhance their learning. This meant purchasing 100 LearnPads and associated equipment. 

Sun Shelters 
The PTA were thrilled to be able to provide the funds for the school to purchase two sun shelters for the infant playground.  In the warm weather these are a valuable source of shade for the children - and no doubt for the parents too at pick up time!  These cost £10,000 each and were fully funded by the PTA.  Thank you to everyone who helps in one way or another at our fundraising events, without this help we would not be able to support the school and our children in this way.  Your continued support is vital.
On-going PTA activities...
Bonus Ball - this is an ongoing fundraising activity and has so far raised thousands of pounds for our school. However, new players are urgently needed.  It is a very simple concept whereby you choose any available number between 1 and 49 for only £1 a week (payable per term).  If your number is drawn as the Bonus Ball in Saturday's main Lottery draw you win £20.  For further information and to secure your number please contact us via the school reception.

The Sacred Heart PTA


Committee Members
Kate Kelly, Michelle Sweeney, Celia Evans, Angela Chichon & Nicola Larkin.


 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Parent/Teacher Association - registered charity number: 270979

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