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Our aim is for every child to realise the magic of stories and poetry and the power of gaining knowledge about things they love by reading fiction and non-fiction texts. On the way to achieving that they might:


Watch Newsround

Listen to the Radio

Read a newspaper sports report

Read a magazine article in Match of the Day or Aquila. 

Sign up to your local library and regulary visit, make it part of your routine.

Reward your child with a trip to the bookshop to choose their own book.

Listen to audio books or podcast stories. 

Read aloud to your child. 

Share a book by taking turns to read a page.

Collect Magazines/brochures/sports news that might interest your child. 

Try to read different genres and books by different authors. 

Read 'too many book' by the same author.

Memorise a short or funny poem.