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You might like you try some of these links to spelling games

Some other ideas to help your child with their writing and spelling...

There are many other ways to improve spelling. For children that find learning spellings difficult they may befit from lots of visual learning as clues as well as kinaestethic learning by doing. This could be using their finger in a tray of flour or fairy liquid to 'trace' the word, or even writing it with a twig in teh mud! 


Some more tips are;


Make it fun!

Make colourful posters with paint or felt tips for tricky words or High Frequency Words you need to learn.

Use chalk on a pavement.

Make your own mnemonics like the ones attached below. 

Make it active, run to a word when a parent calls it out and shout out how to spell it.

Or make up an exercise or activity for each letter of the alphabet and try and spell a word over a day or week! 

Keeping your own personal a spelling journal can be useful. Use a fancy notebook for this. Write down words you get wrong, you could sift through your exercise books for these and every now and then write the word out many times or try putting it into a sentence. Draw pictures and write it in different ways, use felt tips or rainbow words where you write each letter or sound in different colours to help memorise it. 







 Spellings will be tested each Friday.